9 incredibly strict dress rules enforced at the Olympic golf venue

Austria’s Sepp Straka in the first round of the Olympic event objected to Kasumigaseki CC’s rule that “towels should not be hung around the neck”.

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If you have a heartbeat and an affinity for professional golf, chances are you’ll have a first impression of Kasumigaseki Country Club by the end of next week. Maybe the Olympic host is bland, maybe he’s engaging. Maybe it’s too easy or the fairways are too narrow. Each is a valid review, and as you read this there will certainly be thousands of other first impressions in golfing brains around the world.

There is however a first impression that you will not have Kasumigaseki. You will in no way think that the esteemed members of the Japanese club are underdressed. This is because Kasumigaseki went to extreme lengths to ensure that no one will ever have the misfortune of honoring the property without the proper attire.

The rules, named “KCC Dress Code“, are live on the club’s website. The document is 519 words long, covers five different subsections of golf attire, provides a detailed description of the appropriate fashion at all times, and as you’ve guessed by now, has a pragmatic twist. Perhaps more precisely, it is a ransom demand for golf hipsters, an amalgamation of rules and regulations reminiscent of a lost era of golf – well, lost to those other as members and guests of Kasumigaseki.

“Dressing to reflect the values ​​and heritage of the club means paying attention not only to colors, patterns and designs, but also to the way you wear your outfit,” the paper’s introduction reads. “Any player whose dress does not respect these rules may be invited to change, which can be unpleasant, especially for guests visiting us for the first time. Please make sure your whole group is following the rules so that you can fully enjoy the game of the day.

Here are nine of the most interesting rules outlined in the dress code, courtesy of the KCC Etiquette and Community Committee.

1. Get dressed

Blazers or jackets are required upon arrival at Kasumigaseki, except between June 15 and September 15, when the requirement is relaxed to “jacket optional”. If you want to wear a leather jacket or a windbreaker, don’t. They aren’t allowed (although, in KCC’s defense, leather jackets would turn heads at just about any golf club).

2. It’s time to take out the knee socks

If we had to sum up the shorts part of the dress code in one word, it would be this: don’t do it.

Shorts are prohibited on arrival at Kasumigaseki and may only be worn during the game if they are combined with high socks. If your shorts have a built-in underwear liner, they are also prohibited. As for length, the KCC code states that shorts “must end above the knee; anything that is too short or too long is not allowed.

3. Sorry, dad …

… But your cargo shorts are going to have to stay at home. The dress code expressly prohibits shorts and cargo pants as well as jeans, mini-skirts, tights, leggings and anything called “hot pants”.

4. Stick together!

Unlike the previous (and subsequent) rules, the KCC dress code makes a rare exception for the collars of golf shirts, which it says can be worn during play. However, the Etiquette and Fellowship Committee asks you to return your collar to a seated position when you return to the clubhouse.


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5. Longer sleeves, longer problems

Maybe you are a thin layered clothing supplier for the cool fall months in Saitama Prefecture – great! But if you choose to play with a long-sleeved underlay, be aware that you need to find a long-sleeved underlay as well. The dress code specifically prohibits overlapping short sleeves with mismatched long sleeves or cuffs resembling long sleeves. The Committee asks if you should wear a long-sleeved base layer, you also pair it with a long-sleeved outer layer.

6. Sneakerhead at home

Kasumigaseki leaves a careful selection of acceptable shoes at the entrance to the club. Among the prohibited items: sneakers, sandals, mules, slippers and golf shoes. Metal spikes are also prohibited at all times (the sound you just heard was of the limbs sighing in relief after famous metal spike wearer Bryson DeChambeau WD’d).

7. Bring a change of clothes

The crown jewel of KCC’s dress code rules. During the summer months, members and guests are requested to change shirts and pants before entering the dining room to avoid leaving a wet seat for future guests.

8. Calm down

If you aren’t already concerned enough that your clothes are causing heat issues, you better cool them down with these colors as well. The dress code expressly prohibits “bright colors” and “showy patterns” at all times.

9. Dry off and bye

Last but not least, Kasumigaseki wants to make sure that your towels are put to good use, that is, you are not asked to hang a towel around your neck, shoulders, or waistline. trousers. Use this suction cup to dry, then throw it away, lest you get the wrath of the adhesion.

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